Construction progress in the project Prague

The construction of the new WWTP in Prague is a major step forward in order to be in compliance with the EU directives

Since October 2015 the WTE Group erects in an international consortium the WWTP Prague with a capacity of 1.6 m inhabitants. Together with the French company Suez, WTE is responsible for the mechanical and electrical equipment, the process engineering and the additional 12 months operation period. The commissioning is planned for the fourth quarter 2018. The DBO contract (Design, Build, Operate) with an investment volume of approx. 250 m EUR will be managed with the further consortial partners SMP and Hochtief. The WWTP is planned to be 600 m long and 130 m wide and can treat approx. 4.1 m³/s wastewater in normal mode, maximum up to 7.1 m³/s.

The WWTP was designed to have the lowest footprint and to optimize the chemical and energy consumptions. The 4 biological lines are using high-efficiency blowers. The WWTP will be using regulation and automatism system in order to adapt as accurately as possible, the chemicals and energy needed for the treatment. Furthermore, the treated water will be reused on the plant for maintenance and cleaning operations in order to save natural resources.

In 2002, a century flood caused many damage in Prague. The actual WWTP was completely flooded and the treatment could not be performed for some time. To protect the environment, the new WWTP was designed to be flood resistant with retaining walls surrounding it and a permanent dewatering and drainage system.

As being located in the city of Prague, on the Cisarsky island, it was important to integrate the WWTP in the landscape. Indeed, it is placed between the Prague Zoo on one side of the Vlatva River and the Bubenec Ecotechnical Museum, a national landmark, on the other side. Considering this, the plant will be completely underground and a recreative area will be created on top of it. Efficient odor and noise treatments are designed to prevent any disturbance for the future people enjoying this park.

Targeted parameters in compliance with European directives:

BOD5 15 mg/l
Suspended solids 20 mg/l
Total phosphorous 0.8 mg/l
Total nitrogen 10 mg/l


More about Prague' sewage plant please read here.
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