WTE wins contract for construction of sewage sludge incineration plant in Berlin

WTE is already building the third KSV plant in Germany
With the announcement of the contents for the amendment of the Sewage Sludge Ordinance (AbfKlärV), the Berlin Water Companies (BWB) have begun to reconsider the future sewage sludge strategy. In addition to the elimination of external co-incineration and the long-term safeguarding of sufficient disposal capacities for the future quantities of sewage sludge, the minimization of future disposal costs was the decisive argument for expanding our own thermal recovery capacities at the site of the Waßmannsdorf wastewater treatment plant.  

Together with WTE Betriebsgesellschaft mbH, which is fully owned by WTE Betriebsgesellschaft mbH, WTE Wassertechnik GmbH – a wholly owned subsidiary of EVN AG in Lower Austria – has joined forces to create a consortium of bidders and successfully participated in the public negotiation procedure with competition. As a total contractor, the consortium is responsible for the planning, construction and commissioning of a turnkey, fully functional and approved plant.

The highest priority is already given to the overall energy efficiency of the plant when engineering the plant. In addition to the required energy self-sufficiency of the incinerator, the heat generated from the process chain can be fed into the regional district heating network if required.

In addition to dewatering, drying and flue gas cleaning, the main process-technical components of the plant are a 3-straight stationary fluidized bed combustion with a total fuel heat output of approx. 24 MW. A special feature is the co-incineration of 4,000 tTM/a computing material, which is a particular technical challenge.
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