WTE improves the water quality of the Adriatic

The operation of the new WWTP will significantly improve the Adriatic water quality.


Handing over WWTP to municipality-group Vodice-Srima-Tribunj

Representative plant with view to Adriatic Sea

Exactly three years ago WTE won the contract to build the waste water project ‚Vodice-Srima-Tribunj‘ in Croatia. Therefor WTE has erected in Vodice a turnkey WWTP with a capacity of 20,000 PE respectively 4,620 m³/d.

The contract covers the mechanical and biological treatment as well as the sludge dewatering and the cleaning of the extracted air via biological filter.

The investment sum of 6.15 m EUR was co-financed by the EU-cohesion fund. Within 25 months the environmental project was erected above the well-known touristic town of Vodice. Via pressure pipes the waste water is pumped from the municipalities Tribunj and Vodice to the WWTP. Subsequent the purified water is led into the Adriatic Sea.

The operation of the new WWTP will significantly improve the Adriatic water quality. Additionally, if needed, the plant could be enlarged.

Since April 2018 the WWTP Vodice was running in a nine-month trial operation phase to gain the technical release. In January the taking over certificate was signed. Now, the environmental project is officially handed over to the costumer.

After the full running big scaled project in Zagreb, Vodice is the second successfully completed project in Croatia. At now, WTE is in additional projects in the decisive tendering process.

Besides, WTE Group is serving offers for water technology plants in its corn markets Poland, North Macedonia, Cyprus and Lithuania. With the new subsidiaries in Bahrain and Kuwait, WTE is active in the Gulf region, too.

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