Big award for WTE in Prague

A great success in the Czech Republic: WTE Wassertechnik GmbH was awarded the "Building of the Year Award 2019" for the newly constructed waste water treatment plant in Prague.

A great success in the Czech Republic: WTE Wassertechnik GmbH has been awarded with the "Building of the Year Award 2019" for the newly built waste water treatment plant in Prague. And rightly so, because this plant enabled the Czech capital to comply with EU directives, to protect the environment and to create a new green park in the heart of Prague.

The waste water treatment plant, which was officially opened on September 19, 2018, is 600 m long and 130 m wide and treats approx. 4.1 m³/s of sewage during normal operation, which corresponds to a capacity of 1.2 million inhabitants. Together with the French company Suez, WTE was responsible for the mechanical and electrical equipment and the process engineering. Until December 2019, WTE also took over the 12-month operation of the entire plant. The DBO contract (Design, Build, Operate) had an investment volume of approx. 250 million Euros.

The wastewater treatment plant was designed with minimum space requirements and optimal chemical and energy consumption. In order to conserve natural resources, the treated water is used for maintenance and cleaning at the plant. The new sewage treatment plant was designed in such a way that it is protected against flooding by surrounding dams and a permanent drainage system.

Since the building is located within Prague on the island of Cisarsky, it was important to integrate it into the landscape. Therefore, the waste water treatment plant was built completely underground, while a park was created above ground. An efficient odour and noise treatment will avoid any disturbance of the park visitors. We are very proud that we were able to participate in such an important environmental project and are extremely pleased to receive this award.

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