WTE Sustainability Report 2022

Water is invaluable – and the considerate use of this vital resource is becoming increasingly important.
Today, only 1% of the world’s freshwater stock is easily accessible to humans, and annual demand will additionally increase by 20 to 30% before 2050. This growing consumption is offset by a treatment of wastewater that could be improved: for example, only 2.4% of the treated municipal wastewater is recycled; 80% of the world’s wastewater even enters the environment untreated.
In view of these developments, as a provider of water management, we see it is our particular responsibility to preserve the quality of water: with holistic concepts for a sustainable water cycle. In order to meet this wide-ranging task, we have defined a broad range of sustainability goals for the WTE Group: from ensuring security of supply to providing energy to protecting the climate and promoting people’s health and well-being. With each of our activities, we contribute to achieving these goals.

WTE Sustainability Report 2022
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