Our conference presentations

Our conference presentations

Our employees are committed to the Public Relations
We regulary present at various national and international conferences:

Title Authors Date, Event
  • Application perspectives from the point of view of a planning and operator company
R. Schröder 10/2016 Final event of the BMBF joint project EXPOVAL, Essen
  • Methodological Approach for Designing a Pilot Plant for an Innovative Wastewater Treatment Process Based on Biofilm Technology
B. Pelivanoski, K. Pirke, E. Vasyukova, M. Dohmann, I. Sekoulov 05/2016 IWA YWP, Danzig
  • Advanced oxidation process for improved performance of ultrafiltration in drinking water applications
D. Allerdings, G. Förster,
E. Vasyukova, W. Uhl
09/2015 IWA YWP, Belgrade
  • Improved Nitrification by Separation of Heterotrophic and Nitrifying Microorganisms Based on Two Different Bio Carrier Materials
B. Pelivanoski, P. John 09/2015 IWA YWP, Belgrade
  • Complete Reconstruction and Extension of CWWTP Prague, Císařský Island - Project Presentation and Focus on New Water Line
N.Tilly, G. Förster, J, Smejkal 09/2015 IWA LWWTP, Prague
  • Removal of chlorination and chloramination by-products precursors in a full scale UF drinking water treatment plant in Russia
E. Vasyukova, A. Abe,  D. Allerdings, G. Förster, W. Uhl 11/2014 AWWA Water Quality Technology Conference,
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
  • Process Development for Treatment of highly polluted Groundwater including NOM and Arsenic Removal
B. Pelivanoski, K. Pirke 05/2014 IWA YWP, Instanbul
  • Removal of disinfection by-product precursors by ultrafiltration in the South-West waterworks in Moscow, Russia
A. Abe, E. Vasyukova, W. Uhl, D. Allerdings, G. Förster 05/2014 IFAT, Munich
  • Comparative evaluation of volatile solids and chemical oxygen demand for design and evaluation of modern anaerobic sludge stabilization plants
A. Buinauskaitė,
J. Heinrichmeier, J. Jahnke
06/2013 IWA YWP, Kiev
  • Novel Method for Sludge Blanket Measurement
J. Heinrichmeier, K. Pirke,
J. Schewerda
10/2012 IWA YWP, St. Petersburg
  • Module Replacement  Experience from Europes Largest UF
G. Förster 06/2012 Eckwatech, Moscow
  • Experience with Concentrated Sodium-Hypochlorite for Drinking Water Disinfection
  • Sodium hypochlorite plant Moscow - The first sodium hypochlorite plant with membrane technology in Moscow
  • Natriumhypochloritanlage Moskau - Umstellung der Trinkwasserdesinfektion in der Stadt Moskau von Chlorgas auf Natriumhypochlorit
G. Förster

S. Barthelmes

S. Barthelmes
04/2012 RusChlor Conference, Moscow

04/2012 III. Allrussian Seminar, Moscow

12/2011 RusChlor Conference, Moscow
  • Effect of NOM Accumulation from Backwash Water Recycling on Ultrafiltration Membranes at Low Temperatures
S.V. Khramenkov, R. Schröder,
S. Barthelmes,
G. Förster
10/2011 IWA MTC, Aachen
  • Testing of the experimental ultra filtration plant SWWW
L. Viktorova, D. Allerdings,
G. Foerster
09/2011 IWA YWP, Almaty
  • Increase of Energy Efficiency of existing WWTPs with PPP
G. Nasser, G. Förster 09/2010 IFAT GWP-Forum, Munich
  • Inbetriebnahme der biologischen Behandlungsstufe in der Abwasserbehandlung und Schlammfaulung
A. Buinauskaitė,
J. Heinrichmeier, K. Pirke
06/2010 IWA YWP, Moscow
  • Suitability of Fouling Indices as Guiding Parameters for the Operation of Ultrafiltration Plants
K. Pirke, G. Förster,
E.-M. Dombrowski
05/2009 IWA YWP, Minsk
  • New technologies for waste waster and sludge treatment
G. Förster 06/2008 Eckwatech, Moscow
  • Trends in water and waste water treatment - Standards and Technologies
G. Förster 07/2007 International Seminar, Moscow