Responsibility with Foresight.

Responsibility with Foresight.

As a responsible energy and environmental services company, we have Long addressed the issues of social responsibility, sustainable business Management as well as protecting the environment and conserving resources.
Our action always aim to serve mankind and the environment and to assure our contribution to health, sustainability and the future. Going beyond our normal business activities, the attitude is the basis for our commitment to social responsibility and community service projects.


We take on responsibility!

We see our challenge to be reliably fulfilling the daily needs of our customers and contributing to their quality of life. Responsibility to future generations has a special meaning for us. For this reason, we orient our actions and behavior to enable us to achieve as many positive effects as possible and to avoid adverse effects to the greatest possible extent. This applies to people and social cooperation just as much as to the regional economy, the environment and the use of natural resources. This is what we understand sustainability to be. And this is what we take responsibility for!


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in detail

Companies are part of the society in which they operate. As such they also bear responsibility for it. In short, this is the idea underlying the term “CSR” (corporate social responsibility). 
CSR focuses on three areas: society, ecology and economy – or more simply speaking, on people, the environment and business. These areas are called “dimensions”. Companies should pursue activities in such a manner enabling them to take into account the needs of people, the environment and business – but do so above and beyond legal requirements. Every business activity should evaluate and optimise its impact on these areas. 
For WTE, CSR means a voluntary contribution to sustainable development. We consider sustainable development to be an ongoing process practiced in all business units and requiring clearly-defined goals.


For WTE, this means, for example:

  • In the social dimension („People“):

Consistently taking the interests of people into account (for example neighbouring residents, interest groups, citizens’ groups – our “stakeholders”) in all our activities. The focus of our social initiatives is on supporting children and youth. We want to act as a fair and attractive employer to our employees.

  • In the ecological dimension („Environment”):

Making an active contribution to environmental and climate protection on the basis of the increased use of renewable energy sources and enhanced energy efficiency – by the company and our customers.

  • In the economic dimension („Business”):

A sustainable increase in the company’s value as well as the proactive and joint pursuing of goals based on corporate values to ensure the Group’s success across countries and business areas.