Compliance. It's good energy.

Compliance. It's good energy.

As a leading European private service provider in the fields of water, technology and energy, WTE attaches the greatest importance to the integrity and law-abiding behaviour of all its employees as well as its business partners.

As an internationally operating services company, the management and employees of WTE and its parent company EVN have a far-reaching responsibility and role model function both in Germany and abroad. For this reason, the EVN Code of Conduct was developed, which defines and summarises the principles and guidelines underlying responsible action for people of integrity.

All interested parties and business partners can download the EVN Code of Conduct here as a PDF file.

Moreover, a comprehensive set of internal rules applicable for all business areas is binding for WTE employees. In particular, these rules encompass the relevant guidelines and code of practice for the EVN Group, which regulate day-to-day business on an operational level. Employees can find key rules, regulations and commentaries pertaining to their work as well as the EVN Code of Conduct on the Intranet. In addition, internal trainings and information events take place on an ongoing basis. In case of any perceived violations or if any uncertainties arise in connection with ethically relevant matters, the responsible person to contact is the WTE Group’s Compliance Officer Mr. Axel Bowmann, T +49 201 8968-598 or via e-mail at

Code of conduct
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