Future lab

Future lab

As one of the market leaders in a sector that is constantly under pressure to innovate, the WTE Group concentrates its focus on the future.
Our customers’ demands are becoming more complex. Expectations regarding technical feasibility are rising. Moreover, climate change and population growth are exacting their toll. Throughout the world, companies like WTE are facing strong demands: For best-quality drinking water, for environmentally compatible waste water and rubbish disposal, and for resource-saving plant operation with reduced energy usage.


Approaching the future

Our declared objective is to equate our customers’ expectations regarding to commissioned environment projects with the possibilities offered by technical progress. With this aspiration in mind, we work together with the EVN Future Lab to develop concepts and products that will continue to live up to the requirements of mankind and the environment over several decades.

Energy efficiency in relation to ecology and economy

Our main priority is to achieve the highest possible energy efficiency. We therefore design our plants to be resource-saving and as nearly as possible energy self-sufficient. Ideally, excess energy not required for the plant itself can be fed into the electricity grid, so that the innovative products we offer our customers form a connection between ecology and economy.

Waste  material  and  waste  water:  Visions  become  reality

What was once unthinkable is now implemented in our projects: We derive benefits for people and the environment from waste material, waste water or the earth’s salt water. In numerous plants built by us, regenerative energy is obtained through the incineration of household or sewage waste or through the purification process of waste water. In regions suffering from water scarcity, we have constructed desalination plants that treat sea water so that it can be used at drinking water quality level for agricultural irrigation.