Health management –
we are committed to the welfare
of our employees.

Maintaining and improving health – with a holistic approach.

Goals of our health management

With our solutions relating to clean water, we safeguard the health of several million people. We also aim to keep our employees in good health, by implementing group-wide health management that covers and promotes all aspects of healthy living and working.

If you implement water technology solutions and help to keep other people healthy, you should also benefit yourself – and we make sure this happens.

Mareike Fleiter, WTE Wassertechnik GmbH, Head of Workplace Health Management

Systematic workplace health management.

The WTE group set up a workplace healthcare management system in 2017. It ensures that structures and processes within the company group are analysed continuously and optimises them to ensure that they promote the health of everyone involved. This includes a holistic programme for promoting health as well as the revision of the occupational integration management.

As part of our healthcare management, the corresponding working group developed a comprehensive health model, with a clear focus on our employees as people who play a key role in the success of WTE and in their own health.

The aims of our healthcare management at a glance.

  • Improve health and satisfaction and address the needs of our employees
  • Increase motivation by reducing stress factors
  • Create appealing working conditions for a competitive edge
  • Enable straightforward access to information and programmes
  • Offer targeted health-promoting measures / preventative medicine
  • Raise awareness of sensitive issues so that employees can take care of their own health