Growing – with the aid of

We continue to develope our corporate group in order to offer our customers solutions for securing the circular economy and recovering valuable resources in the future.

By disseminating our innovative technological and digital solutions, we want to enable increasingly more municipalities to efficiently supply their populations with clean drinking water and energy at the same time, as well as to treat wastewater according to the highest quality standards.

Offering customised solutions

We develop our plant concepts including financing and project delivery method, according to the individual needs of our customers, perfectly adapted to the conditions at the place where they are implemented. This makes each of our solutions unique.

From the collection, discharge and treatment of wastewater to the provision of drinking water and the thermal treatment of sewage sludge: as a company that focuses its services on the needs of its customers, the WTE Group actively protect the environment and preventively the health of residents and employees of municipal plants in numerous countries.
We work together with our customers to develop the facilities with which we achieve these goals.

A common basis: integrated management system

Through our integrated management system, we ensure that every project is planned and carried out with the same high standards. It includes certifications in the areas of quality, environment, safety and health at work, as well as energy, and is established in all WTE Group companies.

Circle-Diagram with quality, environment, safety and health at work and energy
Driving innovation forward

In order to conserve resources and to use waste and wastewater as sources of raw materials, the WTE Group is breaking new ground – especially with a view to increasing global water consumption. Cities and municipalities are the focus of our innovations in the areas of water treatment technologies and energy recovery strategies.

‘With our innovative strength, we are constantly developing our contribution to a sustainable circular economy.’

Dr.-Ing. Leon Steuernagel, WTE Wassertechnik GmbH, Head of Business Division Tendering

In October 2021, an innovative strategy of WTE for the years 2021 to 2025 was adopted. Accordingly, we want to plan and operate new drinking water and wastewater treatment plants even more sustainably in order to meet the increasing requirements for wastewater disposal and drinking water quality. The plants must also be better integrated into the modern landscape of cities and municipalities and enable better utilisation of water, energy, phosphorus and nitrogen. Another important goal is the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the achievement of climate-neutral wastewater and drinking water purification.

More options for the future

We have already defined which innovative tasks that we will tackle in the near future –including the removal of nitrate from wastewater and groundwater, the generation of energy from wastewater and the use of it as a resource or material source.
With the ongoing arrival of new challenges in research and development, we want to continue to provide important impulses for the water industry in order to improve drinking water supply and wastewater treatment not only in Germany but in many other countries worldwide, and at the same time exploit potential for energy production and raw material recovery.

Leading the digital way

We are constantly developing our internal processes and products in order to implement systems with a high degree of automation for our customers – as important contributions to Water Management 4.0. In addition, we offer you digital solutions for comprehensive control of water supply processes, for more efficient plant operation and many other purposes.

‘The WTE Group uses the potential of digitalisation to improve itself in terms of customer service, sustainability, quality, safety and economic efficiency.’

Dr.-Ing. Bojan Pelivano, WTE Betriebsgesellschaft mbh, Managing Director

More safety, efficiency and speed

Sewage networks and wastewater treatment plants are part of the critical infrastructure, which is why their operational safety is particularly important. Demand-orientated, intelligent control technology and networking,  as well as communication not only make our systems more flexible and safer to operate, but also more efficient. This applies to all processes from planning to control and maintenance, and also has a positive effect on costs and working hours.

In addition, we want to replace the procedures for project processing, which are established in water industry and usually include planning times of one to three years. We are working towards processes that correspond to new technologies and the pace of innovation of the IT industry and thus Water management 4.0 – for timely usable results that can be further improved and form the basis for future developments and standards.

Internationally networked work

Not every colleague on the construction site has CAD programs and the knowledge to operate them. Nevertheless, they often have to make changes, additions and comments to the drawings at short notice. For construction project management in Umm Al Hayman (Kuwait) and Tubli (Bahrain), we have therefore set up digital workflows using Bluebeam® Revu. In this way, changes to drawings made on the construction sites can be digitally returned in real time and incorporated into the original drawings.

Use our strengths for your project.

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