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Sustainability is essential for WTE
as an environmental service provider.

Water means life – and this tiny fraction of the earth’s total water that is available to us humans as freshwater is becoming increasingly precious, because more and more people are using more and more water.


Sources for the information on freshwater and wastewater: United States Geological Survey, 2017; UNESCO, 2018; EU Commission, 2021; DW Akademie, 2018.

At WTE Wassertechnik, we return this precious raw material to people and to nature.

Our tasks

As a water management provider, we have a special responsibility to preserve water quality: with integrated concepts for sustainable water use.

In order to fulfil this extensive assignment, we at the WTE Group have defined diverse sustainability goals: from ensuring security of supply and providing energy to protecting the climate and promoting human health and well-being.

Sustainability in action
Growing. Protecting. Providing support.
These sustainability goals form the foundation for our work:

Sustainability is a multi-layered principle of action that encompasses the economy, the environment and people. In our sustainability goals, which we have developed and are constantly expanding to align all WTE Group activities, we take each of these three dimensions into account – a holistic system with which we want to do justice to the complexity of sustainable action.

Our in-house sustainability system, which applies to all branches worldwide, can be summarized to three basic tasks: growing, protecting and providing support.

Growing – through groundbreaking innovations

Increasingly more municipalities are benefiting from our solutions, which go far beyond water supply and wastewater disposal – because we continue to develop ourselves and our services for comprehensive water management.

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Protecting – through holistic supply and disposal solutions

Environmental protection is an important goal of our work related to clean drinking water. With the help of innovative technologies and processes, we also recover raw materials from sewage sludge and produce climate-friendly energy.

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Providing support – in responsible partnerships

Our services are made for people. We are committed to them: with the implementation of good working conditions, the protection of diversity and providing support for each and every individual.

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Together for a better future.
WTE supports the sustainability goals of the United Nations.

The WTE Group bases its sustainability strategy on the United Nation’s Agenda 2030, which defines 17 goals for sustainable development. As a water cycle and energy management company with global operations, we see it as our special duty to help to create a fairer world and to allow more people to share in prosperity.

The 2030 Agenda

With the Agenda 2030 (Transformation of our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development), the United Nations has developed a global plan to promote sustainable peace and prosperity and protect the planet. Since 2016, all member states have been working to translate this common vision into national development plans in order to achieve the 17 goals by 2030.

With the sustainability goals that we have defined for the WTE Group, we currently in particular identify with six goals of the UN Agenda:

Quelle: https://unric.org/de/17ziele/

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