A strong network for
water management.

The WTE group is a member of
leading industry associations.

Sustainable water management is a challenge that all kinds of companies contribute to solving. As one of Europe’s leading providers of water technology, it is important for us to share our expertise and our ideas for the future of water management with these companies so that we can solve the major challenge together – and we do this through our memberships in key industry associations.

German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste (DWA)

The DWA is a technical and scientific professional association that is made up of a combination of water and waste management specialists and managers from municipalities, universities, engineering offices, public authorities and businesses. At present, the DWA pools the specialist knowledge of more than 14,000 members.

As a member, we take part in the extensive network for science, business and administration. Accordingly, the WTE Group is represented in the main committee for economic affairs and the working group for the calculation of fees. It also provides the spokesperson for the working group for the recording, assessment and forward projection of assets. Other activities include:

  • developing, organising and running roughly 30 seminars, for example the asset assessment of wastewater plants,
  • roughly 10 talks at DWA events and
  • various publications in trade journals and publication series of the association.

The regulars’ table of the ‘young’ DWA, the network for people aged 36 and under, is also run by employees of the WTE Group in Essen.

European Water Association (EWA)

The EWA provides a forum for the discussion of key technologies and political measures relating to water management in the growing European region. This includes conferences, workshops, meetings and special expert working groups. Almost all European states are members of the EWA.

German Water Partnership (GWP)

The GWP is a combination of private and public companies from the water sector and specialist associations and institutions from business, science and research. This initiative is supported by the Federal Ministries for the Environment, Research, Development, Economic Affairs and the Federal Foreign Office. The members include roughly 350 organisations from business, research and politics. The GWP network, which we play an active role in, improves the conditions for business segment development abroad, drives innovation and uses tailored, integrated and sustainable approaches to solve water management problems worldwide.

German Experts Association for Environmental Technology and Infrastructure (DEX)

The DEX was founded in 2001 as an association of numerous leading university professors in German-speaking regions and industry representatives. The association is involved in promoting environmental protection and the sharing of knowledge between international young water professionals in the field of drinking water and wastewater technology.

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