WTE Group

WTE Group

Our vision right from the start: A full service for communities and industry, from the supply of water to the disposal of waste water, provided from a single source for the benefit of mankind and the environment, and implemented to the highest quality standards.


Number one in Germany: Springboard for international expansion

Operating on an international basis, we lead numerous subsidiaries and project-offices in 18 countries or riparian states of the EU respectively. In the future, more than 20 million citizens will be supplied with our fresh water or will have their waste water treated in our plants. Moreover, we take responsibility for the technical and commercial operation of water-technological plants serving more than 3.5 million fellow citizens.

Being consortial leader, co-operational partner or concessionaire we contribute in particular by project-related BOOT-models (Build-Own-Operate-Transfer) to the compliance with EU guidelines, the assurance of services of general interest and public health care.

WTE Group is an affiliate enterprise to EVN AG, a leading international listed energy and environmental services provider from Austria, dealing in the supply of electricity, gas, heat, water, thermal waste utilisation and associated services.

For more information please go to www.evn.at.