Wastewater treatment and sewage sludge incineration, Skopje, North Macedonia

This project involves the turnkey new build of a cutting-edge disposal site for wastewater with a treatment plant for 650,000 PE and a sewage sludge incineration plant. The client Vodovod i Kanalizacija Skopje is making use of WTE’s excellent professional expertise and extensive experience. The assignment covers a three-year construction phase followed by a two-year trial operation.

With the Skopje Wastewater Treatment Plant we a realising one of the most sustainable and technologically advanced disposal sites for wastewater and sewage sludge in Europe. It sets new standards for environmental protection in the Skopje region and will enormously improve the water quality of the Vardar river on its course through North Macedonia and on to the Aegean Sea in Thessaloniki in Greece. This plant is another pioneering project in south-east Europe, as with it the sewage sludge disposal in this region is being implemented in accordance with the latest European standards for the first time.

  • ‘Green Energy Concept’ for the most economical life cycle for the wastewater treatment in Skopje
  • Application of the latest German DWA standards for complete fulfilment of the tender specifications
  • Application of the BAT standards from 2019 for flue gas treatment for thermal sludge utilisation with the aim of minimising the environmental impact for the sensitive Skopje region
  • Optimised primary treatment concept for improved biogas generation and combined heat and power generation to reduce oxygen consumption in the biological activated sludge tanks
  • Highly sophisticated blower technology for minimal energy consumption and minimal maintenance
  • Optimised distribution of the heat energy generated in the incineration to the relevant process steps of the wastewater treatment plant, including pre-heating of the sludge to improve its dewatering properties and to considerably reduce chemical consumption
  • Autothermal sludge incineration without the need to use any additional primary energy
  • Additional energy generation thanks to a cutting-edge back pressure steam turbine
  • With over 30 years of experience in operating wastewater treatment plants, WTE has developed specific software for automation and for predictive maintenance of the plant. This software, called WARIOS, is installed at the plant in Skopje in order to protect and extend the life cycle of the equipment.
Sustainable generation of green energy.

The overall energy concept deserves a special mention: electrical energy is obtained from biogas, steam and photovoltaics. This means that WTE is not just building a wastewater treatment plant and a sewage sludge incineration plant, but also a green energy power plant with 150% green energy coverage. With this important contribution, WTE is setting new standards for sustainability in terms of wastewater treatment, sewage sludge utilisation and overall efficiency. This is in line with our vision of understanding wastewater as a resource that can be put to use.

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