Sewage sludge mono-incineration in Halle-Lochau

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A mark of sustainable waste management

sludge2energy GmbH, founded by WTE together with HUBER, will commence construction of a sewage sludge mono-incineration plant in Halle-Lochau in the autumn of 2019. The sludge2energy process offers maximum technical and economic efficiency by enabling the energetic utilisation of sewage sludge based on combining a sludge dryer with subsequent combustion in a fluidised bed furnace.

In addition, an agreement regarding the thermal utilisation of sewage sludge has been established with LAV Markranstädt GmbH, a full-service provider for the utilisation of sewage sludge in central Germany. This contractually secures the full capacity usage of the system for 15 years. After planning and installation, the plant will be managed by WTE Betriebsgesellschaft mbH from July 2020. Currently, the approval procedure complies with § 4 Federal Immission Control Act.

This sustainable approach will ensure the energetic recovery of 33,160 tonnes of dewatered and 2,750 tonnes of dried sewage sludge. The drying concept is designed to allow all aqueous residues arising from the vapour treatment to be recycled or treated separately.

The heat produced by the incineration of the sewage sludge is first used in the form of high-pressure steam to produce electricity by means of a steam turbine. The residual low-pressure steam is subsequently used in the sludge drying process, thus enabling a secure and continuous thermal utilisation of the sewage sludge in compliance with current political requirements – such as the German “waste sewage sludge provision“ of October 2017. With this system, the WTE Group is not only making an important contribution to secure disposal but also to environmental protection. In addition, the residual ash allows the vital phosphorus to be recovered later.


1 – Drying facility
2 – Plant facility
3 – Staircase tower
4 – E- and social area
5 – Turbine room
6 – Sludge bunker
7 – Storage bunker
8 – Delivery bunker
9 – Flying roof
10 – Silo group