Drinking water treatment plant
Gilau, Romania

The contract for the rehabilitation and modernisation of the Gilau Drinking Water Treatment Plant (DWTP) was awarded to WTE on 18 February 2021, who signed the contract as consortium leader on behalf of the consortium WTE Wassertechnik GmbH and UNIHA Wasser Technologie GmbH. This is the seventh environmental project that WTE will carry out in Romania.

The customer Compania de Apa Somes SA intends to supply the entire population of the Cluj and Salaj counties in Romania with high-quality drinking water by implementing the European POIM funding projects, which is why the modernisation of the existing Gilau Drinking Water Treatment Plant is a necessity.

The contract includes the planning, obtaining of licences, construction of new buildings and the modification of existing structures as well as the supply and installation of new equipment. Testing and commissioning as well as a 37-month warranty are also included within the scope of the contract.

By carrying out the proposed work at the Gilau DWTP, the existing water treatment process will be optimised. Above this, the proposed investments will improve the treatment process and ensure the safety of the drinking water supply. The quality of the drinking water produced must comply with the applicable European standards and Romanian legislation.

Targeted optimisation during
running operation

The particular challenge in the construction of the Gilau DWTP is that the existing drinking water plant must remain in operation during the entire construction period. A comprehensive concept for bypassing the existing facilities must be developed and implemented.

As the water enters the plant by gravity, a special feature of this contract is the installation of a small hydroelectric power station at the inlet. The main objectives of this hydroelectric plant are to recover electricity and reduce water pressure.

The drinking water treatment plant shall be executed in accordance with the state of the art. The work must be carried out and completed to the requirements of the contract, the recognised rules of technology and good engineering practice in close cooperation with the client, the engineer and the authorities.

In future, the modernised plant will treat an average of 9,540 m3 of water per hour to the highest quality standards.

Holistic solution using sophisticated components

The entire water pipeline is a gravity pipeline. The process includes pre-chlorination, sieving of the raw water through two micro-sieving stations with four parallel units with washing unit, dosing of prepared reagents (aluminium and lime) into the sieved water, sedimentation in four clarifiers, simultaneous filtration in three filter stations with 15 parallel units with automatic backwash unit (air and water), disinfection of the filtered water and sludge dewatering up to 35% dry matter content.

The Gilau Drinking Water Treatment Plant comprises the following water treatment steps:

  • Pre-chlorination
  • Microsieving (rotating drum sieves), four parallel units; with washing unit
  • Aluminium and lime dosing for coagulation
  • Sedimentation, four parallel units, three with lamellae, one with scraper bridge
  • Double-flow rapid sand filtration, 15 parallel units; with automatic backwash unit (air and water)
  • Product tank
  • Chlorine disinfection plant (dosing in the tank)
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