Wastewater treatment
Umm Al Hayman, Kuwait

Long-term security of supply, resource and climate protection, safe working conditions: In the largest project so far in the 30-year history of the WTE Group, we are helping to achieve sustainability goals in one of the world’s fastest growing economic regions. We are thus helping to shape the future for the constantly growing population of an entire country and to protect its ecosystem over the long term.

In its role as general contractor, WTE is responsible in particular for the design and construction of a wastewater treatment plant and – together with partners – a pipeline infrastructure with pumping stations. Umm Al Hayman is one of the largest projects in the world for treating wastewater and supplying agriculture and industry with process water (treated sewage effluent, TSE) that has been treated to the highest standards.

Find out what measures we are using to secure compliance with the strictest safety standards and fair working conditions for those involved in the project (more than 3,500 people) and learn about additional sustainability aspects of the project:

A major task with future potential.

The dimensions and complexity of the project that WTE is implementing from a single source are enormous; it has therefore been split up into two large sub-projects:

  • UAH-BOT (Build – Operation – Transfer) – Construction and operation of the wastewater treatment plant, designed to treat wastewater for 1.7 million people and with potential for expansion at a later date
  • UAH-DBO (Design – Build – Operate) – Construction of the corresponding infrastructure, construction of a 450-kilometre-long network of wastewater and process water conduits, pumping stations and reservoirs. Setting up this new infrastructure is essential for effective use of the treated wastewater by agriculture and industry companies throughout Kuwait.

With the new wastewater treatment plant, WTE is securing water as a 100% reusable resource for 1,725,000 people and protecting the ecosystem.

As a major element of sustainability, a substantial portion of the energy consumption is secured by converting the biogas produced into electricity. Furthermore, WTE has set up a 300 kV substation to ensure security of supply.

For the implementation of the wastewater treatment plant and the distribution network with pumping stations and reservoirs, timeframes of 30 and 48 months are planned. WTE will then operate the treatment plant for 25 years and the distribution network for 3 years.

Technological highlights of UAH-BOT:

  • Capacity of 500,000 m3/d for 1.7 million PE, with potential expansion to 700,000 m3/d
  • 100% reuse of the treated wastewater for irrigation purposes
  • Production of 70,000 t fertiliser per year (class A)
  • Site covers over 100 ha
  • 100,000 m³ reservoir for treated wastewater
  • Over 50,000 m³ digestion tank volume
  • Thermophilic/mesophilic method for optimised biogas yield and stabilisation
  • Tertiary wastewater treatment for advanced nutrient and pathogen removal

Technological highlights of UAH-DBO:

  • Sewer system with diameters DN 1100 to DN 1600 (195 km) + up to three DN 1600 pipelines side by side
  • Cross-over pipes for connecting individual parallel conduits to a pipeline system
  • TSE network with diameter DN 200 to DN 1400 (250 km)
  • Total weight of the require pipe material more than 250,000 t
  • 40 TSE reservoirs with sizes up to 160,000 m³
  • Three large pumping stations – main pumping station Egailah with a capacity of 8.3 m³/s and a delivery head of roughly 140 m
  • >100 pipe jacking lines in the pipelines
  • Electrical substation with 300 kV to supply the plant
  • Scada system for optimised control of the overall system including wastewater treatment plant
  • Operation and subsequent removal of the existing plants

More information on the Umm Al Hayman Wastewater Treatment Plant is available on the official websites of the project and of the project company of the same name:


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