Refurbishment of
rapid gravity filters Tubli, Bahrain

The project comprised the planning, construction and operation of a continuous sand filtration system (DynaSand®) at the Tubli Water Pollution Control Centre (WPCC). The existing discontinuous filter system was replaced by a much more efficient continuous sand filtration system (DynaSand®).

The contract was part of the “Short Term Emergency Program” for the wastewater treatment plants at the Tubli WPCC, tendered as a design-build-operate (DBO) contract. In addition to the planning and installation of the plant equipment, this contract also included the general services associated with the construction and commissioning of the filtration plant. All work was carried out while the wastewater treatment plants were in operation.

Comprehensive rehabilitation for clean wastewater.

The scope of the contract included the mechanical, electrical and structural refurbishment of the existing filter systems. The old equipment, such as backwash pumps, pipework, blowers and instrumentation had reached the end of their respective life cycles and were removed as part of the project. Each of the 20 tanks was refurbished and the plant equipped with a total of eight DynaSand® filters, resulting in a total filter area of 800 m² for the entire filtration stage. The scope of work also included a concrete refurbishment and a redesign of the electrical infrastructure. A new SCADA system was also implemented as part of this contract.

Based on an optimised design and an improved operating system, the Tubli WPCC is able to fully treat an average daily flow of 240,000 m³/d and ensure the orderly disposal of wastewater for around 800,000 PE. This measure has eliminated a former bottleneck at the plant and significantly increased capacity.

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