Drinking water plant
Moscow, Russia

The potable water supply plant in Moscow counts among the most ambitious European challenges in the field of water technology. The surface water of the Moskva river is treated in Europe’s largest ultra-filtration plant.
This plant supplies drinking water to a large proportion of Moscow’s 12 million inhabitants. Providing a capacity of 250,000 m³/d, this plant marks a new dimension due to its technology, its quality of treatment, as well as its security and environmental standards. The DWP supplies one million inhabitants with high quality drinking water daily, and thus contribute in a sustainable way to the improvement of drinking water supply in Moscow.

Modernisation of the drinking water supply to their over 10 million inhabitants counts among the most important measures of infrastructure in the city of Moscow. For decades now, drinking water supply has been secured by the municipal enterprise of Moswodokanal. Due to the need to renew and extend the existing supply plants, the city decided to tender the project internationally; we finally succeeded in being awarded this assignment. The implementation of additional ultra-filtration, integrated financing, and a ten year operation, were crucial criteria in this process.

The potable water supply plant of South-West Moscow disposes of a particular innovative power as it provides multi-barrier-system which consists of an eminently efficient, economical, and secure conditioning of the raw water. It is based upon the elimination of detrimental ingredients by:

  • barrier precipitation / flocculation / sedimentation
  • barrier ozone treatment
  • barrier active carbon treatment
  • barrier multi-layer filtration
  • barrier ultra-filtration

These steps of conditioning let us produce drinking water at highest quality levels, independent of the year’s season and independent of the Moskva’s quality of raw water. It is this flexibility that enables us to activate / deactivate single barriers in order to economically optimise fresh water conditioning.

Financing through to handover of the business in a holistic BOOT model.

Investment costs are provided 75% by a long-term secured loan granted through a bank syndicate (KfW / IKB). The remaining 25% were granted by WTE in form of a shareholder loan. Both, the funds granted to the project company, and our own funds were hedged on the basis of a fixed interest rate covering the entire duration of the project. This procedure of project financing includes a substantial advantage: the amount of costs involved in the re-financing are fixed at start-up and remain unchanged over the whole period of the project.

In the period from 2006 to 2016, WTE successfully designed, built and operated the drinking water plant. Our thorough operational management is a guarantor for the precious food, low costs of operation, and for a long useful lifetime of the plant.

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