Drinking water supply pipe
Cluj, Romania

A modern, high-performance pipeline network is being built between the Romanian counties of Cluj and Sălaj to supply drinking water in the region. As the WTE Group, we are creating the right infrastructure for this locally – we are planning and building both drinking water supply systems (rehabilitation and modernisation of the Gilau Drinking Water Treatment Plant) and the associated pipeline network in the region. A pumping station with a corresponding transport pipeline and an efficiently planned pipeline network ensure that the water reaches the households safely. By enabling transport of water without loss, we are reducing consumption, minimising the impact on the environment and helping to sustainably improve the drinking water supply in the region.

The entire project consists of two sub-projects, which are scheduled for completion in August 2023 and 2024 respectively. A total of over 280 million RON, approximately 57 million euros, will be invested in the realisation of the project. Financing is being provided by the European Cohesion Fund with support from the Romanian state.

In a region where the supply of drinking water to the population is a challenge, we are creating new prospects as part of the Cluj Drinking Water Pipeline Project. Find out more about how the WTE Group is committed to greater sustainability in its projects worldwide.

Two projects - one goal:
safe drinking water supply

As part of the CL1 project, several drinking water supply facilities are being built. This includes a multi-stage pumping station (four pumps with a capacity of 450 kW each) at the starting point of the transport pipeline in Cluj, a chlorination station and an elevated tank (water reservoir with 200 m³). In addition, around 95 kilometres of transport pipeline with a diameter of up to 70 cm (DN 700) will be laid, most of which will consist of ductile iron pipes with a pressure rating of PN 25. In addition, the existing SCADA system for controlling the drinking water supply of Compania de Apă Someş S.A. will be extended.

The CL2 project section comprises the laying of approx. 70 kilometres of drinking water supply pipeline in Cluj and neighbouring villages, in order to distribute the incoming water in the best possible way. Ductile iron pipes with a pressure rating of PN 25 to DN 400 are being used here. This network connects directly to the main pipeline from project C1. In addition, 115 manholes will be installed along the route of the pipeline, to ensure smooth operation of the sewer network at all times.

Up to 430 litres per second flow through the drinking water supply pipes that are being installed locally.

The ductile iron pipes are ideal for transporting drinking water as they are diffusion-tight, which is one of their features. This means there is no risk of impairing the purity or flavour of the water. On top of this, wherever there are structural challenges, such as rivers, roads or railway tracks, we lay these pipes completely underground. All of these points ensure an effective and efficient supply of water through our drinking water supply pipeline. The warranty period for both projects is 60 months from official completion.

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