Sewage sludge mono-incineration
Halle-Lochau, Germany

sludge2energy GmbH (S2E), at that time a joint venture between WTE and Huber, is building a sewage sludge incineration plant on the site of the Lochau landfill (Saalekreis). The groundbreaking ceremony took place in mid-September in the presence of Saxony-Anhalt’s Minister of Regional Development and Transport Thomas Webel, Dr. Ralf Schröder and Manfred Graf.

The developer and owner S2E is investing around 18 million euros. The earthworks for the plant have already begun and the first contracts have been awarded; regional companies in particular have the opportunity to participate. It is planned to put the plant into operation in the second half of 2021.

30,000 to 35,000 tonnes of dewatered sewage sludge

The amendment of the Sewage Sludge and Fertiliser Ordinance in 2017 with the accompanying tightening of the limits in Germany for nitrogen and heavy metals meant that many sewage sludge producers can no longer use their sludge for agricultural purposes. This increases the need for thermal utilisation of sewage sludge. Hence the investment in the new sewage sludge incineration plant in Halle-Lochau. In future, 30,000 to 35,000 tonnes of dewatered sewage sludge will be incinerated there and the phosphorous-containing ash landfilled.

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Pioneering process with a view to recovering phosphorus

The same technology is being implemented in the Tubli/Bahrain and Utena/Lithuania projects. Now WTE has found a suitable location in Germany on the site of the Halle-Lochau recycling and resource management park, in the Leipzig-Halle conurbation, an important economic centre and major transport hub in Saxony-Anhalt. However, we should not be satisfied with this success yet: The next step will be the economically and ecologically sensible recovery of vital phosphorus from sewage sludge ash. Various processes are currently being tested worldwide.

Long-term partnership for sustainable operation

Partnership agreement concluded for 15 years

The main supplier of sewage sludge is LAV Landwirtschaftliches Verarbeitungszentrum Markranstädt GmbH, with whom S2E has concluded a 15-year partnership agreement. LAV has been active in waste disposal and especially in sewage sludge processing since 1991. The group of companies covers all areas from collection, transport and storage to processing and recycling. The Halle-Lochau sewage sludge incineration plant is designed as a BOSB plant (operation without continuous monitoring). It is dimensioned in such a way that all emission values will be below the strict conditions that require approval.

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