Waste water treatment
Szczecin Pomorzany, Poland

Szczecin – is the seventh-largest city and the largest seaport in Poland on the Baltic Sea.
It is located on the Oder River, about 60 kilometres from the river’s mouth, at the Bay of Pomerania and about 160 kilometres to the North-West of the city of Berlin.
In the context of the “Szczecin Water Quality Improvement Programme”, one of the biggest environment protection municipal investment projects co-financed by Cohesion Fund in Central Europe the Consortium WTE Wassertechnik GmbH, DE, Polimex Mostostal Warschau, Pl and OTV S.A. Saint-Maurice Cedex, F was awarded the contract for construction of the modern Pomorzany Waste Water Treatment Plant, for the whole left bank part of Szczecin, together with the installation for waste utilization, in October 2004.

Following technology will been used on this waste water treatment plant: Fully biological cleaning of municipal and industrial wastewater with elimination of carbon and simultaneous removal of nitrogen and phosphorus, mechanical sludge thickening, dewatering, drying and sludge incineration. The treatment plant is designed for a biological load of 418,000 inhabitants and 79,200 m³/d dry-weather influent flow rate.

The treatment plant is designed for a biological load of 418,000 inhabitants and 79,200 m³/d dry-weather influent flow rate.

Integrated measures for maximum safety

The wastewater is fed to the treatment plant via four wastewater pressure pipelines with a diameter of up to DN 1,000. The plant has two upstream rainwater-equalising reservoirs for excessive water volumes during rainy periods. During rainy weather, a part of the influent flow is retained in these tanks and later fed back into the plant. There is an emergency bypass line to protect the system. The waste water delivered by sewerage vehicles is received in a sewerage-receiving station and fed into the screening channel by means of submersible motor pumps.

In September 2009 the waste water treatment plant was successfully put into operation.

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