Wastewater treatment and
sewage sludge incineration
Tubli, Bahrain

In Manama, the capital of the Kingdom of Bahrain, the capacity of the existing Tubli wastewater treatment plant is being increased significantly as an extension is being built: as part of a general contractor agreement from 2018, WTE will double the capacity of the existing wastewater treatment plant from 200,000 m³/d to 400,000 m³/d. This will allow the mechanical purification and the pumping station to work reliably in the future even when there is heavy rain. The assignment also covers the set-up of thermal hygienisation, sewage sludge incineration (15 MW) with corresponding dewatering and drying in order to utilise the sludge from the existing and the new treatment plants.

The construction time for the overall project is 36 months and constitutes an investment roughly equivalent to 179 million euros. The project will be implemented in conjunction with local partners, and the financing is provided by the client.

Find out what measures we have taken since the beginning of the construction work for extending the wastewater treatment plant in Tubli in 2019 to achieve over 4.3 million person hours entirely free from accidents (no accidents with downtime), and learn about other sustainability aspects of the project:

Smart solution for a challenging climate.

The wastewater technology involves advanced wastewater treatment (N and P elimination) on the basis of the sequencing batch reactor (SBR) method for a population of more than 1.6 million people. We have consciously chosen to use a hybrid form of biological purification in this case: the 12 continuously fed SBRs are used optimally for wastewater purification in conjunction with two additional compensating reservoirs by applying two operating phases at separate times. This enables space-saving operation and maximum flexibility.

The third purification stage features a disc filter, two-stage ozonisation and a sand filter. In the final purification step, the purified wastewater is treated with chlorine. The complex advanced purification and disinfection of the treated wastewater prevents the water from being infested with parasites, including helminths.

1,673,000 people are supplied with safe water by the new wastewater treatment.

The construction work faces some special challenges. The ambient temperature is high, and we combat this by using concrete with a special composition and processing. Additionally, some of the construction work is performed below the groundwater level, so our design takes into account the buoyancy of the structures (buoyancy control).

Once all structures have been completed and all components are commissioned, there is an option of WTE operating the new overall plant for 10 years.

WTE is realising a supply solution in Manama that is perfectly tailored to the geographical and climatic conditions of the desert state by the sea.

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