Wastewater treatment
Prague, Czech Republic

In Prague, WTE built a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment to the latest technical standards, working as a partner within an international consortium. The city has thus made an important step towards compliance with EU directives.

In late 2018, a new wastewater treatment with a capacity of 1.2 million PE was commissioned in Prague. It is 600 metres long and 130 metres wide. In normal operation, it treats roughly 4.1 cubic metres of wastewater per second, or roughly 15 million litres per hour.
The consumption of chemicals and energy was optimised to such a great extent that the strict EU directives concerning water quality that needed to be implemented by 2021 could be fulfilled. This would not have been possible with the previous wastewater treatment.
Once the building work was complete, WTE took care of the plant operation for one year before handing the plant over to the City of Prague.

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A groundbreaking concept for a unique location.

Thanks to the new plant, regulation and automation systems are used that precisely adapt the consumption needed for wastewater treatment. The four biological lines are equipped with high-efficiency blowers. The treated wastewater is used in the plant directly for maintenance and cleaning.

As the plant is located within the city of Prague on the ‘imperial island’ of Cisarsky, it was important to integrate it into the landscape and take up as little space as possible: Built underground (including implementation of reliable underground ventilation), it is protected from flooding by retaining walls and a dewatering plant. A park was created above ground, which people are able to enjoy thanks to the efficient odour and noise treatment.

International collaboration with impressive results.

WTE colleagues were consistently present at the construction site in order to support the project with technical and commercial expertise. The collaboration within the international consortium was an outstanding success. The employees from the mechanical, electrical and process engineering departments made valuable contributions here.

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