Wastewater treatment
Vienna, Austria

As part of the “Wastewater disposal and water protection for the city of Vienna” program, the WTE Group was commissioned to extend the main wastewater treatment plant in Vienna. During this project, the capacity of the plant was increased to 680,000 m³/d and 4 million PE, raising the average degree of purification to ~ 96%. In addition, the on-site sludge treatment was also professionally expanded. The turnkey extension of the wastewater treatment plant therefore fulfils all legal requirements and ensures the highest water quality for the region, the Danube and the Black Sea.

In 1995, the WTE Group was commissioned with the extension and modernisation of the existing main wastewater treatment plant in Vienna. The structurally overhauled wastewater treatment plant was put into operation in 2005. From the above-mentioned programme with a total volume of approx. 945 million Euros, 225 million Euros were invested in work on the main wastewater treatment plant.

Modern wastewater treatment for Vienna and the surrounding area

The WWTP, originally commissioned in 1980, had a capacity of 500,000 m³/d and was designed for approx. 3.2 million PE. Its degree of purification (BOD) was at ~ 86%. With the expansion of the plant, it was possible to adapt it to today’s requirements – both in terms of capacity and degree of purification.

The extensive structural modifications to the plant also included various mechanical and electrical installations. The extension focussed on the biological treatment stage of the plant, which now consists of a total of 15 aeration tanks and 15 secondary clarifiers. At the same time, the options and capacities for on-site sewage sludge treatment were also extended and modernised. Four thickeners and 22 centrifuges for dewatering were built for this purpose.

With the extension to around 4 million PE, the main wastewater treatment plant in Vienna is one of the largest wastewater treatment plants in Europe.

Thanks to the adjustments, the volume of sewage sludge produced at the WWTP Vienna can be reduced by around 90%. There are hardly any expenses for storage and transport, and stabilisation of the sludge is no longer necessary. In addition, there are no problems with the reuse or utilisation of sludge with regard to the content of toxic substances in the sludge (e.g. heavy metals, synthetic organic substances and pathogens).

Sludge treatment not only renders all pollutants previously contained in the wastewater harmless, but also generates a maximum amount of renewable energy in the eco-power plant WWTP Vienna. The plant in Vienna thus sets standards in terms of sustainability: the four fluidised bed incinerators are an integral part of the wastewater treatment plant’s well thought-out energy concept.

The biomass produced during the process is utilised directly on site to generate energy. This renewable energy source enables even more environmentally friendly operation with lower running costs. This strong mix of high capacity and sustainable utilisation of resources ensures that the main wastewater treatment plant in Vienna is also ideally equipped for future requirements.

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