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Individual financing solutions
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When it comes to the construction and operation of plants, the question of financing is of great importance. In public infrastructure in particular, the necessary yet cost-intensive investments often exceed the financial resources of municipalities and districts. The WTE Group offers tailored financing solutions to avoid imposing any additional burden on public budgets.

Financing solutions with WTE – the advantages at a glance
This is how we ensure tailored implementation for every project:

As an international project developer, we have over 30 years of experience in realising water and wastewater plant projects all over the world. This expertise helps us to create a perfectly customised financing solution for your building project. Our customers are able to benefit from our international contacts and the close relationships that we have built up over the years with the relevant authorities and financing partners.

  • A large number of successfully financed projects worldwide
  • Implementation of important projects despite budget limitations
  • Flexible financing models (project financing)
  • Acquisition of funding (depending on availability)
  • Distribution of risks thanks to collaboration with private partners
  • Use of private sector expertise for your project
  • Realisation of additional advantages in connection with PPP projects
  • Sustainable financing solutions available on request
  • Securing of refinancing / checking cost-effectiveness

Every project relies on having the right financing. For this reason, we are always willing to advise our customers on their specific options to ensure that the region doesn’t have to miss out on important projects for financing reasons.

Achim Dudey, WTE Wassertechnik GmbH, Head of Finance

The right financing for your plants – our services at a glance
With WTE, financing does not have to be an obstacle for your plant.

Large infrastructure projects often involve a lot of uncertainties. This is especially true in connection with their financing. At the WTE Group, we help our customers to reduce financial risks in the process to a minimum. Our approach involves intensive coordination, transparency in the project progress and a financing solution that is the perfect match for the given situation.

Financing made-to-measure – models for every budget.

Parts of infrastructure such as sewer networks, wastewater treatment plants, drinking water plants and sewage sludge purification plants are by nature designed for long service lives. In addition, infrastructure projects are always highly capital-intensive. On this basis, we often arrange tailored project financing. This form of financing enables large volumes of capital to be provided at comparatively low costs, without requiring additional loans to be added to the budget.

  • Perfect for financing long-term projects and infrastructure
  • Finance structure without or with limited right of recourse
  • Financing mix of debt and equity
  • Tailored to operating cash flow
  • Obligations served from the client’s operating activities
  • No (additional) loans in the budget
  • Low running costs with low investor risk
Funding programmes identified and used

Together with our customers, we endeavour to keep the project-specific need for outside capital as low as possible. To do this, we check for each individual project whether there are any funding programmes at national or international level that could ease the pressure on total equity. We find out for our customers what funding measures are available and on what conditions. We always provide consultation for requesting funding and during the ongoing process.

  • Knowledge of funding opportunities (national/international)
  • Consultation on the ideal allocation of funds
  • Grant funds taken into account in the project process
  • Funding programmes to ease pressure on equity
  • Reduction in percentage of outside capital / more autonomy

With its broad portfolio of services, our WTE Group is able to support customers in their infrastructure projects comprehensively. From the individual consultation, planning and financing of the project to the plant construction and operational management, we as your strong partner combine all services under one roof. On our references page, you can find out more about the projects that we have implemented successfully. If you have any questions, please contact us for one-to-one consultation.

Detailed planning for secure long-term financing solutions

Professional operation of a wastewater treatment plant and the appropriate infrastructure always entails high running costs. The important thing is for these costs and the financing costs to be covered by the plant’s cash flow. We work with our customers to check balance sheets, put together model calculations, keep an eye on cash flow and provide support with the drafting of contracts. This ensures that financial difficulties can be avoided throughout the entire term of the contract.

  • Extensive due diligence checks
  • Support in contract drafting
  • Selection of the right financing option
  • Security for customers and investors
  • Financial control of cash flow
Sustainable financing models – for a green future

At the WTE Group, we feel that we are committed to sustainability. For this reason, we are happy to help our customers to secure financing for their plants from ‘green’ forms of financing. This model meets the requirements of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) for investments.

  • ‘Green’ financing can be realised for projects
  • Support of efforts to promote sustainable development
  • Expert consulting in sustainability
  • Years of expertise in this area of focus

We are proud to be able to offer our customers conventional and sustainable financing opportunities. This means that from the planning and “green” financing to construction and operation, we really are one point of contact for all matters.

Dr. Robert Dick, WTE Wassertechnik GmbH, member of the Board of Management

Financing and operational management from a single source.
We are on hand to support you – at all levels of your project.

In Germany, the WTE Group is the only internationally active project developer that is able to directly provide its customers all services relating to their plant projects. We help you with the design and dimensioning in advance and build the desired plants on schedule and can even perform the operational management.

With our expertise in customised financing solutions, we can also ensure full financial security for your project, if desired. This prevents important infrastructure projects from failing because of financial difficulties. We work successfully with the KfW and other international banks.

We also offer appropriate forms of financing, whether this involves funds or PPP structures, in conjunction with our different operator models. Read more about the various options or contact us for one-to-one consultation.

Plant financing with WTE – selected references from our portfolio:
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