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New milestone in UAH – successful commissioning of 1,200 MW substation

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The 1200MW substation (UMHN-W) as part of the UAH Wastewater Treatment Project has been successfully energized by Ministry of Electricity & Water (MEW) on April 25th 2022.
The commissioning was a remarkable accomplishment by WTE and its subcontractor Mitsubishi Electric Corporation within a very tight timeline and despite the impacts and restrictions evoked by the COVID-19 pandemic.
The substation will serve for the power supply requirement of the new UAH wastewater treatment plant as well as for government owned Kuwait Oil Company in future.

Following the successful commissioning and energization of the ESF substation at the construction site of the new UAH WWTP, the prerequisite was created for future power distribution to the new wastewater treatment plant. The substation consists of 300kV, 132kV and 11kV power transformers and gas-insulated switch gears.

WTE congratulates the whole team, including the Ministry of Public Works and MEW for the great effort and successful achievement of this milestone, especially in view of the tight time schedule and the extraordinary condition of the prevailing pandemic.