Successful commissioning of the new plant in Umm Al Hayman

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Our plant in Umm Al Hayman was successfully put into operation. In the first phase, wastewater volumes of approx. 15,000 m³/d from the A20 pumping station and additional approx. 6,000 m³/d from the tanker discharge station are currently being treated. The volume of wastewater will increase further in the near future due to the acceptance of additional wastewater from the southern catchment area (Sabah Al-Ahmed).

The wastewater is treated conventionally, including treatment by cloth filtration, UV disinfection and chlorination. Some of the treated TSE water is fed into the existing TSE network, while the rest is discharged into the Persian Gulf via the ESO (emergency sea outfall) in compliance with strict discharge values.

In future, the treated TSE water will be temporarily stored in reservoirs and will then be available for further distribution to our end customers.

Umm al Hayman is one of the world’s largest projects to treat wastewater and supply agriculture and industry with process water treated to the highest standards. As general contractor, WTE is responsible in particular for the planning and construction of the plant and – together with partners – the pipeline infrastructure with pumping stations.

We would like to thank everyone involved for their commitment and dedication in making this major project possible!

Abwasserreinigungsanlage in Umm Al Hayman, Kuwait

Abwasserreinigungsanlage in Umm Al Hayman, Kuwait