Award for our wastewater treatment plant in Kočani: Médaille d’eau for energy efficiency and environmental friendliness

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Kočani Wastewater Treatment Plant in North Macedonia, built by WTE, was awarded the “Médaille d’eau” energy award at AQUA Suisse on 26 October. This medal is presented to wastewater treatment plants that are distinguished by particular energy efficiency, the generation of renewable energy and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. We are delighted to receive this valuable acknowledgement of our work and our commitment in the field of sustainable water technology.

The “Médaille d’eau” has been awarded to wastewater treatment plants in Switzerland by InfraWatt,- the association for the utilisation of energy from wastewater, waste, waste heat and drinking water – and the Swiss Association of Wastewater and Water Protection Experts (VSA) every five years since 2003.

At this year’s award ceremony in Zurich, twenty Swiss plants were honoured for their sustainable wastewater treatment. In addition, a medal of honour was awarded at international level. This went to the wastewater treatment plant in Kočani. “In a region where 70% of electricity is generated from fossil fuels, energy efficiency and local production – the plant covers ¾ of its annual requirements with photovoltaics and biogas – also mean a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions,” the jury said.

The photovoltaic plant at the sewage treatment plant in Kocani

The wastewater treatment plant was the first in the Kočani region to utilise solar energy for its energy supply. In certain summer months, the photovoltaic modules cover the plant’s entire electricity requirements.

The plant is a wastewater treatment plant with mesophilic sludge treatment (sludge digestion) and subsequent sludge composting for 65,000 PE. The biogas produced during the stabilisation process of the sewage sludge is used to generate electricity. Additionally, a photovoltaic plant was installed, making the wastewater treatment plant the first in the Kočani region to utilise solar energy to cover its electricity needs.

WTE realised the planning and construction of the plant from 2017 to 2019. The plant was ceremoniously opened in 2019.

The sewage treatment plant in Kocani realised by WTE

With the Kočani Wastewater Treatment Plant, WTE has successfully implemented a customised green energy concept. The well thought-out overall concept keeps operating costs favourable in the long term and integrates the plant optimally into the region’s circular economy.

WTE continues its commitment in North Macedonia

With the planned wastewater treatment plant in Skopje , the WTE Group will consistently expand its commitment in North Macedonia and set new standards for environmental protection in the region. The plant will not only be the first in south-eastern Europe to be implemented in accordance with current EU standards, but also already takes into account the EU regulations that are due to be implemented by 2040. With a staggering 150% green energy coverage, it will fully meet the target defined there of energy neutrality in the wastewater sector.