Sewage sludge incineration
Utena, Lithuania

Construction of the sludge treatment plant in Utena, Lithuania

On 14 March, the WTE Group took another important step in the expansion of its relations with the Lithuanian water industry. In a solemn ceremony Mr. Jörg Köring and Gintaras Diržausku, Director of “Utenos Vandenys” (Utena Water) signed the contract for the construction of a turnkey sludge treatment plant at the Utena wastewater treatment plant in the presence of Mayor Alvydas Katinas. The new contract will be executed by UAB WTE Baltic together with contractor UAB “Dzukijos Statyba” on behalf of JSC “Utenos Vandenys”.

Mayor Katinas called the signing of the contract a historic event and told the news magazine “Utenos diena”: “Now the first sludge treatment plant with the latest technology in Lithuania will be built in Utena.” What Gintaras Diržausku underlined again: “This agreement shows that Utenos Vandenys will become the most modern company in Lithuania.” Thermal sewage sludge utilisation for wastewater treatment plant with 100,000 p.e.

Sophisticated solution with potential for the future

The plant will be constructed over a period of two years during ongoing operations. It includes the planning and construction of the process stages thickening, digestion, gas utilisation, dewatering, drying and incineration. The sewage sludge produced at the site and co-substrates produced in the Utena catchment area will be utilised. The sewage sludge mono-incineration plant, which is designed according to the sludge2energy process, is also able to accept external sludge from other sewage treatment plant sites.

The future plant has been adapted to meet municipal requirements. It has a wastewater-free flue gas cleaning system and contributes to waste disposal security for the region.

With this plant, the WTE Group is making an important contribution to the region’s waste disposal security as well as to environmental protection through the conversion of the biogas produced into electricity and the possibility of later recovering vital phosphorus from the resulting ash.

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