Wastewater treatment Ataköy, Turkey

In 2007, WTE Wassertechnik GmbH was awarded the contract to build the Ataköy Wastewater Treatment Plant near Atatürk Airport in the capital city of Istanbul as part of an international tender. The requirements of the tender were very high, which was a great advantage for WTE in this case: Together with its local partners, WTE was able to convince with an economically and ecologically sound offer. Decisive factors for the award of the contract were the quality of the well thought-out concept and the low energy consumption of the units used – and the plant as a whole.

Together with its local construction partners, WTE completed the Ataköy WWTP in summer 2010. In addition to the turnkey construction of the new plant, the project also included operational management for a further five years. With a treatment capacity of around two million population equivalents, the plant is one of the largest wastewater treatment plants in Turkey.

The Ataköy Wastewater Treatment Plant was realised using state-of-the-art technology and exceeds the strict EU standards. It includes mechanical pre-treatment and a cascaded biological stage for carbon and nutrient elimination. The biological stage has a three-stage design for particularly high operational reliability.

Highly energy self-sufficient

A highlight of the plant is the impressive digestion stage with six digestion tanks for anaerobic sludge treatment and biogas production from sludge from approx. 2 million PE. The biogas is utilised to generate energy using two gas turbines. The energy is used both to dry the digested sludge in a modern sludge drying plant and to supply the WWTP with a large proportion of its electrical energy. This minimises the plant’s external energy consumption.

Our wastewater treatment plant in Ataköy produces around 75,000 m3 digester gas per day from the sewage sludge derived from the wastewater of 2.0 million residents. This is equivalent to filling around 24 hot air balloons per day!

The treated wastewater can be reused for irrigation purposes or discharged into the Sea of Marmara. The plant provides valuable protection for the sensitive Marmara Sea against eutrophication and ecological destruction and has led to a noticeable improvement in conditions.

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