Wastewater treatment Larnaca, Republic of Cyprus

Due to its scarcity, water is of particular importance in the Republic of Cyprus; its purification and reuse in agriculture wherever possible plays a central role in the island’s infrastructure. In 2007, the municipal authorities in Larnaca therefore entrusted WTE with the planning and construction of the extension and modernisation of the existing wastewater treatment plant – using state-of-the-art membrane bioreactor technology (MBR) – and its operation for one year.

Better water quality for population and agriculture

The newly extended plant is designed for 100,000 inhabitants with biological carbon and nutrient elimination as well as further wastewater treatment for extensive reuse in agriculture. It can be cost-effectively extended to 122,000 inhabitants in the future if required. In addition to the biological MBR stage, the extension of the plant includes a new mechanical treatment stage and solar sludge drying.

The concept makes the plant one of the largest MBR plants in Europe.

Targeted optimisation
during operation

WTE was responsible for the basic design of the plant, the process engineering, the supply and installation of the mechanical and electrical equipment, the construction supervision, the commissioning, the training of the operating personnel and the 12-month operating period.

Highlights of the project were:

  • Increase of the plant capacity
  • Improved efficiency in nutrient elimination and sludge stabilisation
  • Maximising wastewater quality for irrigation purposes in agriculture
  • Reduction of the volume of sludge to be disposed of with modern solar drying

Tailor-made for the island of Cyprus with more than 300 days of sunshine a year, the WTE concept with solar sewage sludge drying is particularly sustainable both economically and ecologically due to its low energy consumption and low maintenance requirements.

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