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In many parts of the world, ensuring a reliable supply of clean drinking water is an enormous challenge. The consistent availability of high-quality drinking water is, however, crucial for human survival and a key aspect of public services. For this reason, we support municipalities in drinking water treatment and water supply – sustainably and locally.

The WTE Group uses its expertise in municipal water management to create good conditions for the supply of drinking water across Germany and internationally. We supply regionally harmonised concepts for integrated water management so that sustainable and cost-efficient water supply can be ensured locally across municipalities

Drinking water supply with WTE – the advantages at a glance
High quality, reliability and service for clean water.

In Europe, having access to clean tap water and drinking water is something we can generally rely on. We make that things stay this way – while securing the supply of water and the treatment of drinking water for a large number of regions worldwide. Working together with municipalities, we design, build and modernise water treatment plants and supply networks that are suitable for local conditions. On request, we can also take care of your financing and operational management – all with cutting-edge technology, in top quality and from a single source. This is how the WTE Group – working together with our partners on site – guarantees the water supply of millions of people every day.

  • Custom plant concepts and water supply network structures
  • Cutting-edge production and water treatment plants
  • Precise plant design using BIM technology
  • Resource-conserving and sustainable design
  • Ensuring a consistent pipeline pressure
  • High level of self-sufficiency (solar power and more)
  • Highly advanced calculation programmes for dimensioning and maintenance
  • Worldwide expertise in the entire process
  • Tailored solutions for each region

Having access to clean drinking water is a human right. This is something we believe in very strongly. This is why we are delighted whenever we have a project that allows us to give people this access.

Stefan Geurts, WTE Wassertechnik GmbH, Head of Tendering Department, Wastewater/Water

Supply of drinking water – our services at a glance
We help to increase supply reliability in many different ways.

Depending on the region, water treatment or drinking water supply on site can be very complex. It involves tapping into sources of raw water, creating the infrastructure for distribution and ensuring that water resources are kept pure in the long term. With a custom service portfolio, we create all the right conditions for sustainable, economic and future-proof supply of the population – in Germany and in many other countries.

Drinking water supply on site
Drinking water supply on site – tapping into local sources

The possibilities for drinking water treatment can differ enormously at a global level. It is therefore our goal to tap into suitable water sources that are available locally. This may involve groundwater reserves like wells and springs, or surface water and rivers that flow into the sea. We identify the best sources for collecting water, design concepts for the water treatment and ensure that the resource can be harnessed sustainably. This makes sure that the raw material will be available on a permanent basis and cover demand.

  • Analysis of regional sources and resources
  • Detailed review of the supply reliability
  • Tapping into regional water sources
  • Creation of alternatives to imports
  • Saving valuable drinking water resources
  • Water treatment to supply agriculture
  • Treatment of raw water
  • Treatment of seawater (desalination)
Water supply infrastructure
Water supply infrastructure – plants and distribution networks

For water supply plants and for distribution and disposal networks, good planning is essential. For this reason, we provide project- and location-specific strategies for your project, dimension sections of the plants, check possibilities for optimising existing structures and support the project from the design phase to its structural implementation. The same applies to production and treatment plants and for pumping stations, water tanks, network structures and more. This is what enables the drinking water to be delivered safely from the source to every household.

  • Analysis and consultation regarding water resources on site
  • Design / plant construction / operation with a specialist partner
  • Help with the financing of projects
  • Compliance with legal requirements and limits
  • Support with care / maintenance / servicing
  • Regular sampling for quality assurance
  • Support of municipalities (fee management etc.)

In practically every location, the conditions for collecting and supplying drinking water are different. This is why we design fully custom strategies for drinking water treatment and water supply in accordance with the regional situation.

Torsten Hentschel, WTE Wassertechnik GmbH, Head of Process Engineering

High-quality drinking water is a valuable commodity. We help to preserve it. Municipalities around the world have put their faith in our expertise for decades when it comes to the sustainable supply of water on site. You can find examples of our plants for drinking water treatment on our references page – if you have any questions, get in touch with us for a consultation.

Water treatment quality standards
Water treatment – the highest standards for top water quality

To ensure that the drinking water is pure, we perform regular sampling and laboratory analysis. This enables any contamination to be identified promptly, so that appropriate measures can be taken. Furthermore, established water treatment procedures are used to ensure that all the stipulations of Germany’s Drinking Water Ordinance and other legal regulations are complied with. The same applies to international and country-specific drinking water quality requirements.

  • Continuous monitoring of all substances in the water
  • Analysis of water samples performed by certified labs
  • Early-warning systems for detection of contamination
  • Incident strategies to prevent damage in emergency situations
  • Possibility of retrofitting in existing plants
  • Well-established and legally compliant system / used internationally
Key steps in water treatment
Drinking water supply – key steps in water treatment

Groundwater or river bank filtrate cannot be used as drinking water: a large number of organic compounds, metals and suspended materials and pollutants make the water less pleasant to drink or barely appropriate for drinking at all. To turn raw water into drinking water, it needs to undergo several purification steps as part of the drinking water treatment:

  • Iron removal
  • Manganese removal
  • Softening
  • Disinfection
  • Destabilisation
  • Precipitation
  • Flocculation
  • Sedimentation
  • Flotation
  • (Ultra-)filtration
  • Membrane filtration (saltwater)
  • Distillation (saltwater)
  • Evaporation (saltwater)

Depending on the geographic conditions, it may be necessary for certain different processes to be applied to fully purify the water. The treated water is then an entirely safe part of the local water supply and can be fed into the local fresh water networks.

Water supply 4.0 for municipalities
Water supply 4.0 – digital services for municipalities

Reliable and economic operation of treatment plants and sewer networks calls for the use of the latest technology and software. For this reason, we have developed our own software solutions for water management 4.0. Our products can be used to automate processes, maintain distribution network databases, create inventory documentation or plan refurbishment work for plants and distribution networks. At the same time, our software products enable intuitive fee management at municipal level. This means that administration processes can be reduced and costs can be saved in operation.

  • Determining of fee and contribution rates
  • Maintenance planning / refurbishment planning
  • Wide range of GIS services
  • Documentation and reporting of work and processes
  • Training employees on use
  • Creation of custom software as needed
  • Support in PR work
Custom solutions
Custom solutions in water supply – drinking water treatment for any requirements
For any requirement, we can supply the implementation that will provide the greatest amount of safety and efficiency.

Water is vital for human life – which is why WTE Group is committed to protecting this resource for future generations. With our expertise in all process steps leading up to long-term operational management, we pave the way for the safe drinking water supply of tomorrow.

Whether it’s setting up new plants for water production, recycling process water as part of wastewater treatment to conserve resources or our research into new approaches and methods for water treatment – we are a strong, local partner.

From the pumping station to pipeline construction for the drinking water network, every one of our projects is designed for sustainability, efficiency and profitability. This enables us to design, realise, refurbish and, if agreed, operate fully fledged system solutions for water supply, even under challenging local conditions. We represent 100% security of supply, certified quality and fair conditions – please contact us.

Drinking water supply with WTE – selected references from our portfolio:
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