Pipeline construction – for
reliable supply and disposal.

Design, construction and operation of
distribution networks for any project.

Whether it’s supplying clean drinking water or safely disposing of wastewater – a reliable and functional pipeline network is always needed. Planning, setting up and operating a pipeline system all entail unique challenges. The requirements for a pipeline network can vary significantly from one region to the next. The WTE Group supplies solutions for any requirement that optimally combine efficiency, sustainability and profitability.

We are your partner in pipeline construction for the following infrastructure areas:
Pipeline construction with WTE – the advantages at a glance.
We create a solid foundation for high-performance plants.

Having access to clean drinking water is a human right as recognised by the General Assembly of the United Nations. We help you to exercise this right. In order to provide professional services in pipeline construction, it is important to consider the entire supply and disposal system in all its various aspects. In this specific field, the WTE Group has 30 years of experience in supporting and realising a great number of projects. Building on this, we provide our customers an overall concept tailored to their needs for installing or refurbishing high-performance distribution networks on site or managing existing systems more efficiently. In this way, we play an essential role in providing the population with essential supplies.

  • All services from a single source (design/construction/operation)
  • Systems optimised to suit local needs
  • A balanced mix of sustainability and profitability
  • Pipelines for all supply and disposal needs
  • International expertise in design and implementation
  • In-house software solutions for operation and refurbishment
  • Compliance with applicable quality standards and industrial standards for long service lives

A reliable pipeline system is a basic prerequisite for safe supply of water. Where these systems are needed, we provide sustainably strong solutions.

Johannes Egbert, WTE Wassertechnik GmbH, Head of Networks

Pipeline construction for drinking water supply and wastewater disposal – custom solutions with WTE.
Concepts for any requirement or site.

Whether it’s in big cities, rural areas or less developed areas – the WTE Group is able to offer a comprehensive package of pipeline construction services. We can also take care of the corresponding plant design, adapted to suit the conditions on site, and provide one-to-one consultation regarding what solution strategies we consider advisable for our customers both in economic and in social and ecological terms. By interlinking environmental protection, sustainability, efficiency and profitability, we create high-performance concepts for plant and pipeline systems.

We can also take care of the operation of the distribution network once it has been set up, or for your existing plant – this is implemented with extensive technical expertise and software solutions developed in-house.

If you need any additional information, please get in touch.

Pipeline construction with WTE – one partner for many systems.

The requirements that apply for pipelines systems used to dispose of wastewater and to supply drinking water can differ greatly depending on the region and its level of urbanisation. In order to provide professional services in pipeline construction, it is important to consider the entire supply and disposal system in all its various aspects. In this specific field, our WTE Group has 30 years of experience in supporting and realising a great number of projects. Visit our references page to find out more about the plants and pipeline systems that we have set up for our customers worldwide and in many cases operate to this day.

At the WTE Group, we will support you in designing, structurally realising and optionally operating the best supply and disposal system for your site.

  • Design and implementation in accordance with the regional situation
  • Various types of wastewater disposal networks:
    • Gravity systems
    • Pressure drainage systems
    • Vacuum drainage systems
    • Combinations of the above systems
  • Wastewater transport pipelines
  • Drinking water transport pipelines and distribution networks
Professional refurbishment of pipeline networks.

Pipelines are exposed to constant stress during regular operation. Over time, this can result in damage to the pipeline structure, impairing the system’s efficiency and potentially increasing the risk of pipe breakage and supply failure. To prevent this, we check existing distribution networks regularly and to the latest technical standards. We also replace outdated components, where possible without interrupting operation – to increase the performance of plants and make them future-proof.

  • Custom-designed refurbishment concepts
  • Creation of maintenance and inspection schedules
  • Monitoring of entire sewer networks and individual sections
  • Increased hydraulic performance
  • Low maintenance requirements thanks to regular inspections
  • High operating reliability / low risk of failure
A strong data pool – sewer networks and software solutions from WTE

To operate a drinking water supply or wastewater disposal network profitably, you need an overview of the key figures. For this purpose, at the WTE Group we have developed software solutions that can be used to create sewer control concepts, measure throughput volumes, identify operational expenses and calculate the utilisation of sewer network capacity. This work is 100% data-based – creating transparency and business efficiency.

  • WARIOS kanal software solutions
  • Intuitive identification of important KPIs of the sewer network
  • Easy to use with wide range of functions
  • Compatible with GIS systems

Optimal sewer and distribution networks thanks to the strong data pool and software solutions from WTE.

Dr.-Ing. Bojan Pelivano, WTE Betriebsgesellschaft mbH, Managing Director

Pipeline construction with WTE – selected references from our portfolio:
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