WTE Sustainability Report 2023/2024

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Safe drinking water is invaluable – but unfortunately not a given. That’s why we contribute to preserving this resource for everyone.

We live in a time where over two billion people lack access to clean, essential drinking water. Simultaneously, more than three billion people lack access to safe sanitation facilities. These alarming numbers are distressing and motivate us as a water management provider to actively work towards real change.

The WTE Group sees itself as a responsible company capable and obligated to support the global population’s supply of clean water. Furthermore, as experts in wastewater treatment, we are internationally present, helping to improve the situation for people in entire regions locally.

The guidelines of our work are represented by the WTE sustainability goals – these are aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. We aim to contribute to sustainably providing people with water and energy, maintaining their health, and protecting our planet’s climate.

How we put these words into action every day can be seen in our current sustainability report. There is much to do – let’s tackle it together!